4.21.15 How to become a “Redeemed Soul”

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The following transmission channeled from Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and Archangel Michael through Commander Alexandriah Stahr, the Voice of the Collective Christ, answers the question, “How do you become a Redeemed Soul?”

We Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and Archangel Michel come before you today to answer the question, “How do you become a Redeemed Soul.” The one known as the Whistle Blower” has finally surrendered her “Will” to the Divine Plan of Original Mother/Father Creator Source and the Collective Christ to surrender her identity and role within Duality as the Fallen Elohim Alandra/Alandro.  Although she has cooperated with you and the Collective Christ for the last two years since 2012, she has finally acknowledged who she has been within Duality since the Original Luciferion Rebellion.

She has surrendered her “Will” to Original Mother/Father Creator Source so that she will be able to finally let go of her previous identity and the Christed Star Teams can lift this burden from her.  She will then be able to fully embody herself as a Redeemed Soul on the Redemption Path and begin the journey of clearing her own personal issues rather than processing the All of Creation Issues of Duality and the MATRIX.

What does this mean for others who have played major roles in the Duality Battle within the MATRIX?  It means that every soul who chooses “Redemption” can now more readily release the MATRIX Programming of their unChristed Selves.

Alandra, who was one of the original Elohim who rebelled with Lucifer and was the Whistle Blower’s previous identity, has been released and recycled.  The Whistle Blower, which is her current role, had to go through this process first so that all other unChristed Souls could then follow.  Just as you, Alexandriah, represent the Collective Christ and must go through the steps first for the Christed Souls Ascension Process, the Whistle Blower had to take this final/1st Step so that all unChristed Souls going forward can take it as well.

The Whistle Blower’s surrender of her “Will” releases the resistance within unChristed Souls to accept and receive the Christed Redemption Energies.  It is this “resistance” in the Whistle Blower which has  caused some unChristed Clients to resist the MATRIX Clearing Process over the years.  It is the original “Free Will Choice” that was chosen during the Luciferion Rebellion being reversed so that these souls can once again be accepted back by Original Mother/Father Creator Source and re-align themselves with the Divine Will of Original Mother/Father Creator Source and the Divine Plan.  Unless and until each unChristed Soul consciously and verbally acknowledges who they have been and consciously chooses to Re-choose the Christ, this original choice to rebel will continue to be the driving force within them and the MATRIX Programming that supports it.

Yes they can receive MATRIX Clearings for some time but their progress is limited.  Unless and until they remake this choice and the MATRIX holding it in place is removed by the Star Teams, their resistance to the truth of the MATRIX and the Christ Vibration will be limited.

At some point, this shift must be made.  Now that the Whistle Blower has made this choice for herself, declaring it before the Collective Christ Council, others will find it easier to make this Christed Choice as well.

We have created a new Freedom Series to address this issue. You may offer this Renunciation and Redemption – Freedom Series as a  stand-alone Freedom Series for those who would choose it.  There is no pre-requisite.  It is also included in your Monthly Star Team Program so that all those who are members of the Monthly Star Team will experience this shift shortly after joining if it is needed.

End Transmission

We are

Ashtar, Commander of the Solar Star Command

Lord Sananda, Christ Teacher for the Christ

Archangel Michael, Protector of the Collective Christ


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4.19.15: Significance of the 2 Eclipses

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The following transmission channeled from Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and Archangel Michael through Commander Alexandriah Stahr, the Voice of the Collective Christ, gives an update on the new year and the true significance of the first Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse of 2015.

3.20.15, 4.4.15 and 4.18.15 represent 3 important dates for the Planetary Ascension Process.  As always on New Year’s Eve, you lead the Christed Souls of Humanity through the doorway that leads to the next year within the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Pathway.  Since 2012, which represents the “End of the Time of Allowance,” you have been working with the one known as the “Whistle Blower” to release the unChristed Control she and her twin flame and other Rebellious Elohim had along with Lucifer and all of his rebellious followers and his rebellious alien creations known as the Children of Lucifer.

First in 2013, the Rebellious Souls, also known as the Original Fallen Angels from the Luciferion Rebellion, surrendered their “Keys” and “Controls” and were given the choice to either be “Redeemed” and be allowed to Return to the Christ or to choose the ultimate rebellion and be “Recycled” so that their souls would cease to exist as their bodies would be allowed to live out shortened versions of this last lifetime here on Earth.

In 2014 the Children of Lucifer, also known as, the various alien races, were brought before the Collective Christ Council in the Spiritual Realms and given the same choice, to surrender all of their unChristed Keys, Controls, Weapons and Technologies and be Redeemed or be Recycled.  Since all Alien Groups are unChristed Expressions and Creations of Lucifer, most of the unChristed Souls which inhabited the alien forms were either created by Lucifer in Lucifer’s image or were re-incarnations of the Rebellious Fallen Angels of Lucifer’s Rebellion.  All of these unChristed Souls, created by Lucifer and known as Children of Lucifer have been Recycled, as they were never true souls to begin with. Again those who were Fallen Angels within, were given the choice to either be Redeemed or Recycled.

During the latter part of 2014, the Work returned to just working with the Whistle Blower as she embodies the whole of the Luciferion Rebellion and all Keys and Controls are within her.  Lucifer and other Luciferion Leaders, have long since been Recycled but the Whistle Blower still maintained control as she was both mother, wife, concubine, and co-creator with Lucifer in the Creation of the Duality and the MATRIX System which controls it.  Lucifer was just the fall guy.  Yes the Whistle Blower seems to be an ordinary woman but she holds the key to the full surrender of all unChristed beings and all unChristed Creation.

She is struggling now as the full weight of who she is and who she has been is being revealed to her and she must ask for forgiveness from Original Mother/Father Creator Source, the Collective Christ and from all those she has harmed both Christed and unChristed alike.  Although the Whistle Blower must do this first, all those unChristed Souls now on the Redemption Path, which make up 15% of Humanity must do the same.  This 15% must continue to show themselves worthy of Christed Redemption for the remainder of their earthly lives here and beyond to whatever place has been prepared for them to continue their Redemption Journey.

You, Alexandriah have been our earthly facilitator for this process.  You, along with Archangel Michael and all levels of the Collective Christ, have been supporting this process.  And, as we have said in the past, we will continue to facilitate and support this process till 2045 when all of humanity will finally be Free from the MATRIX.

Now going back to New Year’s Eve 2014, you led the Christed Souls, which make up only 1% of humanity, through the 2015 Doorway to continue on the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Pathway.  The Redeemed Souls did not go through at that time and is the reason that your Earthly Reality has been so chaotic and challenging since the beginning of 2015.

On 3.20.15, the Solar Eclipse occurred and was somewhat anti-climactic as you led the Redeemed Souls through the 2015 Doorway on 3.18.15.  As you got closer to the Solar Eclipse, which was to occur on 3.20.15, you were shown the 2 doorways on the path.  You had to close the unChristed Doorway, which was allowing unChristed Reality to intrude on your New Year.  Once the unChristed Doorway was closed, the Christed Path remains as the only path to take.  It was on this day, 3.18.15 that you led the rest of humanity through the 2015 Doorway to the “One Earth Reality” where all Soul Types going forward can be better able to receive the energies most appropriate for them.

On 4.4.15 there was the Lunar Eclipse and again the souls gathered to move forward on the path but it was not until the night of 4.18.15, when the new moon entered the sign of Aries, did we open the doors and facilitate humanities’ forward movement once again.

All the souls are being re-united with their corresponding soul groups, Christed with Christed, Fallen/Redeemed with Fallen/Redeemed and Children of Lucifer/Recycled with Children of Lucifer/Recycled.  Each will continue on their respective journey of self-revelation as the whole of humanity continues on the Path of Freedom from the MATRIX and Returning the Earth to the Christ Vibration.

A new cycle begins on 4.18.15 as the new moon enters Aries, and the depth of the clearing you have all been through, will reveal itself in the coming months.  Clarity will return again soon and although you will soon be entering the shadow period of the next Mercury Retrograde Cycle on 5.4.15, on the other side of this next retrograde cycle, you will finally be able to move forward with certainty into the new energies of 2015.  Yes 2015 will finally begin!  Although the calendar may show the year is half over, it is the inner calendar that matters.

End Transmission

We are Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and Archangel Michael

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3.24.15 Update: Technology, Cern Project & the Solar Eclipse

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Hello Everyone

The reason for this update is to let you know about a great success!  The Cern Project has been shut down indefinitely. See the latest article about it below.


the above link is in response to the work I did with Ashtar and the Solar Star Command after reading the link below. Of course I understand that many were working toward disabling this dangerous machine but as I explained below, this is Ashtar’s main job…to keep anyone form “blowing up” the earth like they did Maldak.


Results of the Eclipse

Wednsday the 18th, the eclipse that was to occur on the 20th appeared as a double doorway. The doorway on the left, which represents unChristed Energies was open which was spilling negativity into our reality. The door on the right which represents the Christ Vibration was closed. The Collective Christ and I shut down the unChristed Eclipse Doorway and opened the Christed Doorway. The “whistle blower” then led her “Redeemed Souls” through the Eclipse doorway to continue on their Redemption Path. They, as a group are being guided by Lord Sananda back to Redemption with Original Mother/Father God. I dont claim to know where this path is leading or how long a journey it will be for them but I do know that Original Mother/Father Creator Source, in their Mercy have a plan in mind for them.  I do as I am directed by the Collective Christ to facilitate this journey as we continue through to the year 2045 when all of humanity will be FREE from the MATRIX.

3.24.15 Technology Disruptions

Technology still seems to be a problem to varying degree depending on how much you use it.  For me it has put a standstill the various projects I resumed when Mercury went Retrograde. Only time will tell when this lets up.

3.17.15 Original Message RE: Technology Disruptions

Hello Everyone

I wrote this at the beginning of the month: “I Thought we were out of the woods as the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde ended on 3.3.15…but it seems we have additional challenging astrological influences as well as Solar Flares throughout the month of March.” By the way Mercury Retrograde  occurs 4 times this year, check out the Mercury Retrograde Calendar and schedule activities accordingly. but the challenges just keep on coming.

I have collected several links about various issues that are impacting us at this time. Since these are areas outside of my expertise, I am only referring initial links..you can do your own google searches for more info if you like. I am just passing along this info so that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking it is “just you.”

Saturn Retrograde began on 3.14.15

Solar Flares Solar Storm 3.17.15

Solar Eclipse 3.20.15

Astrological Explanation Consider that Friday 3.20.15 will be the release of all this energy that has been building up. Prepare for new opening and major shift. I don’t see doomsday…just new levels of clearing revealing what is underneath. All of these issues are brought to my attention by various clients.

The next issue, I had no clue about is something called “Cern.” I have provided wikipedia explanation but apparently there is much more. You can do your own research. The person that told me about Cern claims that they are pointing this thing at the center of the earth….to see what happens…this is dealing with “atom energy” and matter/anti-matter at the atomic level….this is dangerous stuff. Apparently, this also weakens the veils between the dimensions which although they do not make these claims, from a spiritual perspective, the remaining alien forces in control want to harness and use this power.

Fortunately for us, this is probably the #1 reason that the Ashtar Command/Solar Star Command is here around the Earth…to protect us from ourselves…in experimenting with atomic energy…In the distant past, there was a planet called Maldak and it went to war with Mars and was blown up with atomic weapons. (The link blames “man” rather than the “aliens” behind man that were the true cause…I am explaining here from the Ashtar Command-Solar Star Command point of view)

After Malkak was blown up, the Ashtar Command was sent to our Solar System to monitor these types of activities and they have stepped in many times since the 1950’s to keep the US and Russia (during the cold war) from using “Atomic Weapons”  Of course this is not known on the physical level but they do what they need to do to influence the humans that are involved in such things.  This is the only time that the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command can directly intervene in our activities.  The reason I am explaining this is because “Cern” sounds really dangerous to me but when I talked to Ashtar about this, he reminded me about our prime directive and assured me that they are monitoring the situation and would take whatever action was needed to prevent any harm coming to us or the Earth.

So the reason for this newsflash is…I have multiple projects that I cannot work on right now.  Everytime I try, the technology breaks down..as the internet is really flakey right now as is anything electrical, mechanical or electronic.  This is really frustrating for me as I am sure it is in your reality as well.  All we can do is hurry up and wait…again!

Although technology projects are on hold, healing is very powerful right now. I am actively working on removing whatever MATRIX Programming is behind the Solar Flares activity and did in fact discover an unChristed alien group called the Solarians who are responsible for causing the solar flares. Their purpose of course, as always is to cause us harm. I have “shut down” the activity I was shown and am just waiting to see the effects.

I am hoping that Friday will see an easing of the Solar Flares. If not, I will go in again and continue to work until the issue is resolved. Who would have thought, that Solar Flares were created by unChristed aliens?  Not me!  When people first started telling me about them, I said, why are you telling me, I dont control them…Sure enough, as soon as I voiced that opinion, I was shown that this was indeed just another MATRIX issue that needs to be shut down.

Meanwhile my Star Team Guides are continuing to process all that has been collected since the “Redeemed Souls” went through the 2015 Doorway on 2.14.15. They are making daily changes and upgrades to my Star Teams…so much so that I cannot keep up. They are moving ahead at tremendous speed. To those of you in my Star Team Programs, know that I am adding new things daily and that you will be informed of the latest updates during your monthly Star Team Phone Session.   To those of you who read this newsletter but are not active clients, maybe this would be a good time for you to contact me. It is time to look deeply and clear the MATRIX Programming so that we can move to the next level. Although much of the work I do is on a planetary level, personal work is a necessity for every individual as well.

My Monthly Star Team Program is the the best way to do personal work. The Star Teams do the work for you and all you need do is the simple prayers and techniques I teach you and acknowledge the issues as they are leaving. My Monthly Star Team is the Christed solution to getting FREE from the MATRIX and its programming. Since the Earth is being Returned to the Christ Vibration, only Christ Vibration Technology can do the real work that is needed. unChristed Technology by unChristed Healers only re-inforce your MATRIX Programming and drive you deeper into the MATRIX.

To begin your “Christed Journey” of getting FREE from the MATRIX, your 1st Step is to schedule a consultation with Alexandriah to get your questions answered and to schedule your 2 Week Fast Track which includes an all inclusive Implant Removal Process. Check out this link for more information.    As I have said, we all have a lot on our plate right now. Lets see what happens on the other side of the Solar Eclipse on 3.20.15
Blessings in the Christ


As always, you can schedule a consultation and or session through my contact page

For more information, go to my main website, www.star-esseenia.org

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