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This blog posting is in response to Ashtar’s Message posted 11.8.11   This message is mine in my own words.

Well that got a rise out of everyone. I got more response from this last message from Ashtar regarding the 11.11.11 than any of the messages I have put out so far. So I decided to respond myself and share my personal experience of the original 11:11 and say why my understanding of the 11:11 and 2012 is different than others and why I have no doubts that the message I sent out yesterday from Ashtar is right on track.

I have been putting out information about the shift from the original 11:11 timeline since 2008 when it was shown to me by Ashtar that there was nothing after the date 12.31.11, that the 11:11 Timeline was simply a dead end. At that time Ashtar activated the new timeline called the 12.12.12 timeline which then connected with the 13.13.13 Timeline which refers to the time after 2012 and after everything that is supposed to happen will be done and when the course has been fully set to the Christ Vibration. This message from Ashtar is not something new, it was simply a reminder that anything other than the 13.13.13 Timeline does not lead to the Christ Vibration Timeline. Each person must know who they are and make the decision to follow the true Path of the Christ Vibration.

Most of you reading this newsletter do not know me nor did you know me back in the early 90’s when the original 11:11 Event first occurred on January 11, 1992. According to Solara, the original 11:11 Lady, the 11:11 represented a 20 year passage through the 11:11 Doorway from the old reality to the new and would culminate on 12.31.11 into the Ascended Earth Reality. As a general concept, I am in agreement with this information and this information is in my original “articles” section of my website www.star-esseenia.org even though I have not subscribed to her version of things for some time. I have still left her information up as I believe it is important to show the history of information and where it originally comes from.

I met Solara in 1991, the year prior to the 11:11 Doorway opening at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles. She was tired from her exhausting schedule of speaking engagements so I only had a brief moment with her. In that moment I was hugely disappointed in her “presence.” At the time, I chalked it up to her being tired but I was soon told that instead, I just recognized her for who she truly is. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt her commitment to what she is doing, I just know what and where her 11:11 timeline is leading and it is not my path. She herself will tell you in her books that her path is not for everyone either, but for her soul group. Who is her soul group? Read her book called

El-An-RA, the “Healing of Orion?” In it she tells you that she is a “Fallen Angel” who started the Orion Wars. These are her words not mine. it is up to you to decide whether you wish to follow a “Fallen Angel” to her ultimate destination. Consider that a “Fallen Angel” is here to lead other “Fallen Angels” along with the “undecideds” to an unknown destination. Since she never mentions redemption, she is leaving out a major part of the story which I will fill in after finishing the story of my participation in the 11:11 Event in 1992.

I write this information now in retrospect as back then in 1992, I did not know what I know today. Instead, I simply followed guidance I was given which has proven accurate for the over 25 years I have received it. On January 11, 1992, I led a group in celebration of the 11:11 Door Opening, but we did not do the “Wheels within Wheels” ceremony that Solara was promoting. Instead, I was guided by Ashtar and the Collective Christ to do something different which was to open the Christed Doorway to lead those of the Christ Vibration to the Christed New Earth Reality which is called the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality. I have been on this timeline ever since and kept those people who resonate with the true messages of Lord Sananda and Commander Ashtar informed about the differences in these timelines and what they mean. As I have always said, as mankind goes through this transition, all souls will be sorted according to their alignment, vibration and intention.

Now going back to filling in the blanks of the 11.11.11 message. If you read closely you will see that those who are promoting the current 11.11.11 Event do not say anything about the Christ Vibration…they simply talk about being part of the “One” without any mention of what caused us to “not be one.” That original separation from being “ONE” into Duality was the result of Lucifer’s rebellion in the Heavens. Lucifer created Duality, it was not part of the Original Divine Plan which means that you cannot rejoin and be “ONE” again with Original Mother/Father Creator Source unless and until you recognize which side of duality you are and have been on. The awakening process has awakened all souls. It is now time to decide what type of soul you truly are. You cannot bypass this important step as it is the whole point of 2012 to end the old reality, clean house and restart the next cycle and timeline.

Is your soul “Christed?” meaning that you are an original Being of Light, member of the Collective Christ, who never fell and who has always been loyal to Mother/Father Creator Source? or, are you part of the Luciferion Rebellion who in their arrogance declare themselves equal to God. It is Lucifer’s followers and his “alien creations” who rule through the MATRIX and who are putting out incomplete if not downright false information about the true meaning of 2012. When you follow your lineage back to its source, dark souls will find Lucifer as their source rather than Original Mother/Father Creator Source.

When I discern a soul, this is what I am discerning. Who is your source? This ability to discern someone’s soul lineage is what causes the unChristed Souls to react so violently to my messages because they know I see them and that they cannot deceive for much longer. When you have cleared yourself to the point where you know your own lineage, then you are on the true path of reunion with the ONE. For no matter what you find when you follow that lineage, you can choose to rechoose the Christ Vibration. This is what all the messages that Ashtar has been sending really mean. The path of the Christ to rejoin with the Christ is the whole point in that we have to acknowledge it, clear it out and then rechoose to rejoin back to the Original Divine Plan which was/is the Original Christ Vibration.

Again as a concept, we are transitioning from the old earth reality to the new earth reality but as I have said for many years that not all souls are going to end up in the same reality on the other side of 11:11, 11:11:11 or 2012 or whatever you want to call it. Duality is about separation first before reunion in the Christ Vibration. The wheat must be separated from the chaff and Sananda is here to lead those who choose the Christ Vibration to be lead to the Christ Vibration Reality.

I know this concept can be pretty scary but it must be faced and dealt with. This is where Lord Sananda will guide any soul who wants to return to the Christ. It is Sananda’s job to collect the lost souls and re-gather them back into the fold and give them the opportunity to choose to return to the Christ Vibration. I invite you to consider seriously what I am saying and pray to Sananda for guidance and if you are sincere, Sananda will answer and show you the way.

On 11.11.11 I will do as always what I am guided to do to keep the pathway open for those who know they are of the Christ Vibration or want to be, and want to continue on that path.

If you choose to participate in any or all of the many activational events that will be available over the coming months, be sure to be clear in your own intentions of who you are and why you are there.

Blessings in the Light

I AM Commander August-Alexandriah Stahr


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