4.4.12 Ashtar and Sananda: Dismantling The Soul MATRIX

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The following is a transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command and Lord Sananda regarding the dismantling of the next level of the MATRIX called the Soul MATRIX.

Today we are taking the next major step in freeing all souls from another level of the MATRIX.  The “Soul MATRIX” controls all souls on the 3rd and 4th Dimensions who were created by Original Mother/Father Creator Source and those who rebelled with and/or were created by Lucifer.  This MATRIX was hidden in the higher dimensions.  Its location known only to Lucifer and those who created and maintained it.

When Lucifer was detained for his recycling, we learned of the location of the Soul MATRIX which is now in the process of being dismantled and all souls freed.  This will take several weeks of your Earth time but we felt it was important to release this information as part of the release of the  next wave of Ascension Energies for Easter 2012.

We have given Alexandriah several new “Soul Freedom Series” which will remove the MATRIX Programming from the soul level.  The Soul MATRIX Programming gives the appearance of a dark force soul over the soul’s original essence.  It can be perceived by those who can discern and perceive the soul level.  Once the Main Soul MATRIX has been completely dismantled, all souls will be freed and the removing of the Personal Soul MATRIX Programming can begin.

This is/was simply another Master level of MATRIX Control and MATRIX Programming.  As each of these Matrixes are discovered and dismantled, new levels of freedom will be felt by all.  It is too early to tell how individual souls will be affected.  Know that the new Soul Freedom Series now being offered by Alexandriah contains the technology to remove this new level of MATRIX Programming at the soul level and will make a huge difference in each person’s receptivity to our MATRIX Clearing Technology and the Monthly Star Team Program.

To put this in perspective, each level of MATRIX Clearing is like peeling an onion going deeper and deeper into the MATRIX Programming.  As you go deeper, new levels of control are discovered.  Till now the deepest level of control was the “Contracts and Agreements” made either willingly or unwillingly.  The Soul MATRIX is a whole other level of control which will take time to fully understand.

As a result, we are recommending that these new Soul Freedom Series be the first step for new people coming to us through Alexandriah for help.  For current clients, it is your next step.  Let us remind you that this work we release through Alexandriah for private clients is ongoing and continuous and keeps current with the bigger picture of the Planetary Ascension and Beyond.

To date, we have dismantled the Earth’s Planetary MATRIX, the Galactic and Inter-Galactic MATRIXES, the Cosmic MATRIX, the All of Creation MATRIX and now the Soul MATRIX.  The Personal MATRIXES, which is the MATRIX closest to you and having the most influence, it will still take until 2045 for all of humanity to be free of unless you are part of the Monthly Star Team Program.  The personal sessions and the Monthly Star Team allows us to work on you directly, to speed up your process and keeping  you current with the work we are doing through Alexandriah.  To those souls who agreed to be part of this program, we commend you for being the anchor points on the Earth for this work to be done.

We will keep you posted on the status of the dismantling of the Soul MATRIX and the effects it will have on humanity.

I AM Sananda, Christ Teacher  for the Earth

I AM Ashtar, Commander of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command

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