12.1.12 Ashtar: Freedom of 2012 – Freedom Series

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The following is a transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command regarding the truth about the Mayan Calendar and 2012 and the “Freedom of 2012 Freedom Series.”

As you know, Alexandriah, we/you have not given much thought to the Mayan Calendar and the resulting hype about 2012.  I am here today to specifically comment on it for your readers.  The Mayan Calendar is a Pleiadian invention and fits into the Pleiadian agenda which is the same as all dark forces, to distract people from the truth and keep them from doing what they really need to be doing.  The fact that Hollywood created a doomsday film called 2012 simply makes for good entertainment and perpetrated the story of the end of the world with absolutely no spiritually redeeming message.  This allows people to totally dismiss 2012 as being science fiction.

12.21.12 simply refers to the “End of the Mayan Calendar System” which marks the End of Duality as we have spoken of many times.  Since our 2012 reference spans the entire calendar year of 2012 ending on 12.31.12, the Mayan Calendar date is inclusive within the larger calendar year of 2012.  It all points to the End of Duality and the end of the “Time of Allowance” by Original Mother/Father Creator Source.  1.1.13 marks the beginning of the End of Duality and the beginning of the Collective Christ reclaiming the Earth and All of Creation from the tyranny of Lucifer and his followers through the MATRIX.  On 1.1.13 opposition will begin to fall away and allow for easier flow of God’s energies to Their Children.  Our real work can then begin in earnest as the “Time Locks” or “Seals” that holds the MATRIX in place on a Personal, Planetary and All of Creation levels will be no more.  This will enable us to free “Creation” from the MATRIX Controls much easier and make your MATRIX Clearing Work both easier and faster.  We repeat, 12.21.12 is a Pleiadian Marker and since they are unChristed Aliens who were created by Lucifer, they are of no consequence to Christed Lightworkers.

12.31.12 is the date to celebrate!  Once again you will act as the 2012 Star Gate Keeper on New Year’s Eve collecting and redirecting those souls who are ready to go through the 2012 Star Gate to the 13.13.13 Solar new Earth Reality.  We await you and your soul group for retraining of your souls in the Name and the Way of the Christ.

On the physical level, 1.1.13 will arrive as usual.  The sun will rise and the world will appear to be the same as usual but there will be a “feeling of ease” in the air.  “Struggle” will soon be a thing of the past as you adapt to the new energies.  The next level of “Accelerated Evolution” will begin.  You will continue with your work.   More people will seek you out as more people recognize the truth of our words you bring forth.  More and more people will desire the freedom our programs offer.  Many who have focused on doom and gloom will fall away as people will recognize them as false prophets with nothing to say.  Many will realize that they have been involved in distractions disguised as false spiritual learning that have kept them from doing the real work of getting Free from the MATRIX.  We again invite your readers to make their choice of “Returning to the Christ” before 12.31.12 so that they can begin to experience the “Freedom of 2012” in the form of a new Freedom Series and the beginning of Christed Freedom in the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality on 1.1.13.

End Transmission

I AM Ashtar, Commander of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command

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5.23.09: Sananda’s Redemption Prayer

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The following is a transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Ashtar on the removal of Dark Force Souls from the Earth and Lord Sananda’s Redemption Prayer for all those who seek to be rejoined with the Light of Creator Source.

Greetings, I AM Ashtar of the Solar Star Command (formerly the Ashtar Command). As we draw near the June 1, 2009 deadline of reconnection with Mother/Father Creator Source, we provide the following update as requested.

Today and over your Memorial Day Weekend, the Dark Force Souls of humanity are being removed from their bodies.  This does not make them Light Souls; this is simply the first stage of recycling their soul energy without ending their current physical life cycle. In its place, we will leave behind a shell of their former selves. These selves will be much easier to work with, by those of the Light, as they will no longer have the strong will to resist the transition back to the Light.  All Souls, Light and Dark are being given an opportunity to ask for Redemption back into the Christ Light. As we have said all along, the transition through 2012 is a spiritual transition and requires Divine Intervention. The Collective Christ, with Lord Sananda as its Leader and includes all souls who have always been loyal to Original Mother/Father Creator Source, are providing that Divine Intervention.  The following message and prayer by Lord Sananda is offered for this purpose.
I AM Ashtar of the Solar Star Command

Lord Sananda’s Message and Prayer

By Rev. Alexandria Stahr, Star-Esseenia Temple                    

Greetings I am Lord Sananda, the Christ Teacher for the Earth and who has been known to you as Jesus the Christ in my Earth Incarnation 2000 years ago.  It is time for me to speak directly of Redemption for those souls who seek it.  Over the last 20 years as the time of completion has neared, your Internet communications have filled with so much chaos and misinformation that it has been difficult for sincere souls to discern the truth.  I offer a simple solution in the prayer that follows.  Pray this prayer repeatedly with sincerity in your hearts and I will help you with this transition.  I come with the Collective Christ, all those souls who have always been loyal to Original Mother/Father Creator Source, in fulfillment of the prophecy of the Return of the Christ to the Earth to lead the way back to the Christ and the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality. 
I AM Sananda of the Collective Christ.

Lord Sananda 2012 Redemption Prayer

by Alexandriah Stahr, Star-Esseenia Temple


I now call forth to Lord Sananda and his Redemption Angels to come forward to assist me with this process.

Dear Original Mother/Father Creator Source, God of the Collective Christ and all of Creation.  I come before you now with a sincere desire to know you and to be One with you once again.
I renounce the “false gods of duality” and any and all allegiance I may have to them.  I ask that my soul be judged and redeemed according to your Divine Plan for the Earth and all humanity in 2012.  I ask for forgiveness and release of all that is not worthy in your eyes.  I wish to be born again in your Love and Light and in your image, into the highest Light that is available to me now by Divine Law and according to your Divine Plan for 2012.  Show me what I need to see, know and understand to be redeemed for the next cycle of Christed Reality beyond 2012.  I ask this now in the Name of the Christ, in the Name of my I AM that I AM and the Name of Mother/Father Creator Source and so it is, thank you God.

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© 2009 Rev. Alexandriah Stahr, Star-Esseenia Temple





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