12.17.12 Commander Korton: Attempted High-Jacking

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The following is a transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Commander Korton of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command regarding attempted high jacking by the Dark Forces

Greetings, I AM Commander Korton, Quadrant Commander for the Communications Division of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command come here today to explain the most recent attempt by the Dark Forces to regain control of you (Lightworkers) through your MATRIX Control Center. You (Alexandriah) have been aware for some about the “Highjackers” who would carry out sneak attacks to take control of the bodies and consciousness of your clients.  Although you removed the MATRIX which allowed these attacks some time ago there was a Master Control System which remained hidden until now waiting for the right time to launch an attack on you and all Lightworkers. That time was Saturday 12.15.12 (the day after the Connecticut Shootings).  You were successful in shutting it down and removing the Master Control Center that controlled the “highjackers” who would suddenly take over your Control Center causing dizziness and nausea as the symptoms.

We were successful in shutting down that Master Control MATRIX down and restoring you to full Christed Control of your body and its control center.  Today we are providing step 2 in reclaiming your Master Control Center and restoring your strength and sovereignty over it.  Although we have done this on a planetary level, not all people have received this healing.  You and your clients need to be aware of people you know who no longer feel or act like themselves.  This message is meant to confirm your suspicions that not all will survive this sneak attack and you need to be wary of those who seem “off” and available to assist those who need personal assistance.  You can use the Hashmalim clearing nets to remove the “High-Jackers” and then do the appropriate Freedom Series on them to restore them to their sovereignty.

End Transmission

I AM Korton, Quadrant Commander – Communications Division of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command

Alexandriah’s Commentary on “High-Jackers

I debated for a couple of days before putting this message out as it will seem pretty scary to some. I have been aware of High-Jackers, which are MATRIX Programs that act like entities attempting to take over your body through your “Control Center” which is located in your Crown Chakra behind the bridge of your nose. This is where your “Consciousness” sits when you are “in your body.” A High-Jacker Program can attack you and take control. Think of it as being like a “MATRIX Possession.”

For those of you who have been clients for some time, you may remember when this was a problem a few years ago and these High-Jackers would just suddenly take over and would cause the person to “shift” energies from Light to Dark and all of a sudden reject the Light.  When it happened with my regular clients I would usually catch it during our monthly appointment times and be able to clear it out pretty easily but not necessarily be able to protect them from future attacks.  As the issue became more frequent, I was able to identify what was causing it and remove the MATRIX Program behind the attacks. I have not seen this as an issue with my clients, and never for me, until this latest attempt on ME this Saturday.  I woke up and the room was spinning and I felt nauseated.  I immediately recognized this for the attack it was and called on Ashtar and Sananda for help.  Within the hour they cleared it out and gave me the Freedom Series to remove the Master MATRIX Control Center that controlled these MATRIX Highjackers. This should now be a permanent solution going forward but will still need to be addressed on a personal level for those who were unable to receive the Planetary Healing that went out on Saturday 12.15.12 and may still be experiencing symptoms. If you have experienced these symptoms, please contact me for help.

Over the last couple of months, in preparation for this 2012 Shift, I have been receiving more and more Freedom Series for these Master Control Centers which are a new higher level of control recently revealed and being addressed in the ongoing Freedom From the MATRIX Program going into 2013.

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